TQCC Group Ride Classifications

TQCC welcomes cyclists of all abilities, and there are a range of club rides organised to cater for all members. Club rides are divided into groups of cyclists with similar abilities. Currently we have 4 group classifications (A, B1, B2, and C), as defined below.


Individuals should select a group ride that is within their ability. If in doubt it would be advisable to start with the lower pace in the first instance, rather than choosing a group that is too fast. With regular practice and time in the saddle, speed and bike handling skills will improve rapidly, and with that will come the opportunity to move up to the next group.


Please note that the group speeds defined below are average speeds on mixed terrain roads. The pace of any group will be higher in strong tailwinds and on descents; lower in strong headwinds and on climbs; and will vary depending on the length and terrain of the ride. It is important that the route terrain be taken into account, as hilly rides will be physically challenging at a much slower pace than on the flat. Details of route elevation can be found in the ride information posted on the TQCC Strava page.

The speeds shown are not a target but are to enable you to select a pace and group to suit your ability.

A Group

Ride Style: Fast / Tempo

Average Pace: 17 – 18mph +

Vigorous pace with excellent bike handling skills.

The A group is the fastest pace group requiring riders to have an above average skill set for riding in groups under higher physical stress. The A group is not for individuals who have little group riding experience.


Weekend rides are often 60 – 70 miles, sometimes longer in spring and summer months.

B Group

The B group is focused on endurance riding and rider development. It is for those that have a moderate to higher level of fitness. This is the largest group within the club,
and as such has the widest spread of ability. To allow for group rides to be both challenging and enjoyable for all, the B group is divided into two subgroups: “B1” and “B2”

B1 Group

Ride Style: Quite Fast

Average Pace: 16 – 17mph

Brisk to vigorous pace with above average bike handling skills

On a B1 ride, individuals should have the necessary riding skills in a group environment like that of the A group, but not at the faster pace. The B1 group is not for individuals who have little group riding experience.


Weekend rides are often 50 – 60 miles, sometimes longer in spring and summer months.

B2 Group

Ride Style: Brisk

Average Pace: 15 – 16mph

Brisk pace with good bike handling skills

On a B2 ride, individuals should have the necessary skills for riding in a group environment, but the pace will be slightly slower than that of B1. As riders train and progress they may then be comfortable on the faster B1 rides.


B2 weekend rides are often 50 miles, sometimes longer in spring and summer months.

C Group

Ride Style: Moderate

Average Pace: 12 – 14mph

Moderate pace, riders should be capable of riding at least 25 to 30 miles

The C group is focused on general fitness and intermediate to good riding skills in a group. It is for those with the physical fitness level that allows them to go moderate distances at lower average pace than that of the A or B groups. Riders new to group cycling and those working on developing their skills should start in this group, and in time may progress to the B group.