TQCC 2020 Pandemic Pedalleur Caps

Following on from Autumn TQCC Team Brief when we asked you for your nominations for a number of “categories” and also to share with us your “selfies” for this pandemic cycling year, this is the Roll of Honour!

Well done to all those nominated, those who shared their “selfies” and to all of our club members who have done real or virtual miles during a very challenging year.

We will be delivering the Caps over the coming few weeks.

Let’s hope we can all be back cycling on the roads together in 2021.

TQCC DSNI Wax on Wax Off Fundraiser

Just in case there is anyone who isn’t on the WhatsApp group or following us on Facebook, you may not know that in place of our Santa Cycle which we can’t do this year, Will and Eóin have bravely agreed to have their legs waxed in support of Disability Sport NI.

There’s more information on our Facebook page and Instagram account and also on the JustGiving page



NI Covid Restrictions on Cycling – 27th Nov > 11th Dec

New restrictions have been agreed by the Northern Ireland Executive to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 within the community. The restrictions will come into force at midnight on Friday 27th November for a period of 2 weeks. The implications for cycling clubs, members and activities are set out below.

Individual Training

Training must only be carried out on an individual basis, or with members of your own household.

Club & Group Training

All club and group training must be suspended for Friday 27th November for two weeks until Friday 11th December. School PE can continue.


Events and races are not permitted while the current restrictions remain in place.

These restrictions are due to end on Friday 11th December, and we will endeavour to issue guidance on what activity can take place from then as early as possible. Any changes due to further updates from the NI Executive or Sport NO will be communicated as soon as possible.

For more information see https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-regulations-guidance-restrictions-27-november-2020

TQCC Club ID Tags

Hi all,

Further to the news in the Club Team brief regarding the issuing of emergency ID tags, A committee member will be e-mailing you all individually soon with the web link, an individual Code and instructions to allow you to order your personal tags! Keep an eye out for the e-mail!

Before you start the order process, we recommend you check out the OneLife iD help videos in the links below to get an idea of what information you want to include on your iD tags. Your iD tag also comes with a web address to your online profile where you can add extra information you cannot fit onto the tag itself. You can also continuously update medical info on your online profile and add multiple contacts in the event the emergency contact on your tag itself is not contactable.

Some useful links to help complete your OneLife iD profile and iD tags:
• OneLife iD getting started guide
• Overview of the OneLife iD concept
• Top tips on information to include in your profile
• Adding extra ID information with the OneLife iD online ID profile
• Turn your mobile phone into an Emergency ID

Drop us an email @ [email protected] if any issues with the order codes!

The TQCC Committee

TQCC Autumn 2020 Team Brief

Hi folks!

Just a wee update for you all!

Link below takes you to the TQCC Autumn Team brief which contains some important information about what the committee have been doing over the last few months, membership fee 2021 update, how you can get your hands on the infamous TQCC caps for 2020 and a few more surprises.

Hopefully you’re all keeping safe and well in these strange times and please nominate each other and yourselves for the cap awards categories. Really look forward to seeing everything come in and will be great to celebrate all you beautiful folk and your lockdown achievements at our virtual social event!


Virtually yours!
TQCC Committee!

TQCC Face Masks

We want everyone to look fabulous. Oh!
And stay safe. Whether you’re browsing
in the bike shop or tearing round Tesco,
why not represent the club you love in
your new TQCC branded face mask. Free
to all members!

TQCC 2020 Caps

TQCC caps were previously presented to members who
completed five out of the ten Select Sportives during the year.
Rather than not award
caps in 2020, the Committee wish to acknowledge those
‘pandemic peddlers’ who put the miles in.
To earn a 2020 cap, you can nominate one of your cycling friends
or yourself. Just send your nomination to
[email protected]
Title the e-mail “2020 Cap” with the category you wish to enter.
For example, 2020 Cap – Duracell Bunny.
We hope to make the presentations before Christmas, at a
virtual event. Please submit your nominations before Saturday
31st October.

The categories are:
Duracell Bunny Longest ride distance per activity
Wanderer Longest total ride distance for 2020 (up to 31st
Polka Dot Jersey Most climbing elevation per activity
Mountain Goat Most total climbing elevation for 2020 (up to 31st
October )
Living Room Legend Longest Virtual Ride
Chued Personal Achievements e.g. PR. QOM/KPM, local
legend, first long ride etc
Stravartist Most unique route on Strava
Staycationist Best NI Cycling Photo
Nice Tan Best cycling holiday photo
Linguist Best strava ride title

For the many, not the few:
Members will be awarded a TQCC cap for taking a ‘selfie’ at no less than five of
the following locations:
// St John Point Lighthouse // Newcastle // Strangford Ferry // Montalto //
The top of Slieve Croob // Torr Head // Spelga // Horatios (only one!!) //
Divis // Nendrum // Little Eddie’s.
If you think you are in contention to win a TQCC cap, please let us know by
Saturday 31
st October and submit your selfies by the 30
th November

Clarification on TQCC caps for 2020:
Following a number of queries the committee wish to clarify that in relation to “selfies” for our 2020 cap; these can be from any ride in 2020, not simply from date of Team Brief issue. And if you didn’t take a selfie, a photo of your ride from Strava is also fine. 😃 In addition we have added 3 additional locations , namely Eden, Clotworthy and Georgian.
Could we ask that , as detailed in the Team Brief, please let us know if you are in “contention “ for a Cap by 31st October, and then submit your pictures by us by the end of November, so that we can get these ordered and delivered to you by the end of 2020. Thanks

Titanic Quarter Cycling Club